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Monday, January 02, 2006

How Low is Too Low?

It's too cold in the North to be truly fashionable, when fashion for men is wearing the belt below the buttocks.

On page 3 of this article,
Capitalism, like the flu virus, mutates to win. Its goal is to make us spend, and it has now found a way to make young people rebel by spending more. For anyone brought up when rebellion meant questioning the commercial and overtly capitalistic, this pseudorebellion seems tawdry and tragic.

My parents rebelled against the rebellion. Skirts and dresses on women instead of pants; clean-shaven men when beards were rebellious.

Having been steeped in rebellion, is it any wonder that I and my peers would do the same? We're still rebelling against the rebellion of the rebellion, I suppose, but not at the cost of letting our hind ends hang out for the passing breezes.

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